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Cameroonian Born Marathoner Mbacha Eric Unstoppable In Finland


Cameroonian Born Marathoner Mbacha Eric Unstoppable In Finland

Isifu Wirfengla

Another competition, another crown for Finland-based Cameroonian marathon revelation, Mbacha Eric. The marathoner has hit a new high barely six weeks after championing the Helsinki downtown 42 km marathon.

On Saturday 2 October, 2021, Mbacha won the 41st edition of the Garmain Helsinki City Marathon ahead of Ernest Kibert Tarus from Kenya and Finland born Aki Nummela.

After securing a fantastic back-to-back victory at the downtown event in August, Mbacha is off to a new record. This, as he finished yesterday’s 42.195 km Garmain City run in record two hours twenty-one minutes (2h21’), three minutes less than previous top time.  

The Helsinki City Running Day is the biggest and most international running event in Finland. The event attracts 15 000 runners from 82 nations and combines six running distances into one day.

The course starts near the statue of Paavo Nurmi and finishes at the iconic Helsinki olympic stadium. Various parks, miles of Baltic Sea coastline, and the Helsinki City centre are all located along the route.

Mbacha’s successive triumphs have sparked in him the ambitions to represent his home country at the Olympic Games, France 2024.

“I need to start preparing for the minimal of qualifiers for the next Olympic Games in 2024 in France. I should at least represent Cameroon in 10,000 metres, 5,000 metres and in marathon,” Mbacha told Volcanicsport in August.

Unable to defend his Mount Cameroon Race of Hope title (Cameroon’s biggest track race run annually in its Southwest region) in 2019 following death threats from separatist fighters, the three-time winner of the latter has successfully sought refuge in Finland.

He is determined to scale heights, build an ultramodern athletic infrastructure in his native Mbot village (in Northwest Cameroon) to assist youngsters.

Mbacha is unarguably an epitome of hope to a generation whose athletic dreams are being quashed by a five-year armed conflict.

He counts at least 55 trophies and 64 medals.

Isifu Wirfengla
Isifu Wirfengla

Isifu Michael WIRFENGLA is holder of a Bsc. in Journalism. He has five years of broadcast experience. Apart from freelance/sports reporting, he is a practising/trained football Referee in Cameroon and Communicator for the Ministry of Justice in Yaounde.


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