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Excitement, Reconciliation, Expectation as Njalla Quan Jr. Takes Over South West Football

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Excitement, Reconciliation, Expectation as Njalla Quan Jr. Takes Over South West Football

Isifu Wirfengla

The South West region of Cameroon breathes fresh air after the opposition dramatically won football elections on Monday 1st November 2021. Njalla Quan Junior became the new football association president having secured seventeen (17) votes, two clear of incumbent Ndive Thomas.  

A nasty and tumultuous atmosphere had engulfed the football family ahead of the regional poll. Factional politics, threats, bickering, slander, accusations and counter-accusations had torn the people into shreds. That’s how hot the political fever burnt.  

The former association president, Ndive Thomas, represented “Team Action and Passion” while Njalla Quan Junior headed a coalition of club presidents popularly known as “The New Dawn.”

On the one hand were those who opined that Ndive – first elected president in November 2018 – was the right man for the job. Contending that he had been off to a good start and just another mandate would permit him fine-tune the process of making South West football great again, they brazenly rejected any opposition.

On the other hand were boisterous supporters of “The New Dawn” ideology. As their slogan speaks, they clamoured for change, a new way of doing things. They drummed the necessity of returning to glory days with high fettle.

Behold, their dream has come through!

“The New Dawn”

Having overcome this jigsaw, “The New Dawn” team faces the challenge of reuniting factions, mending cracks and broken bridges. It is incumbent on them to set smooth rails on which the development drive would be able to sail to desired destinations.   

Hopes are however rekindled as both victor and vanquish are adopting exemplary attitudes even before the dust of Monday’s highly contested poll settled. Excitement, reconciliation and fresh ambitions characterize the atmosphere of the new dawn.

“Congratulations on your brilliant elections as president of South West regional FECAFOOT. I wish you and your team the best in your endeavours,” wrote out-gone president Ndive Thomas. The prompt mark of maturity is being highly appreciated as the admiration for the former chairman’s charisma and sense of humility stay intact.  

Going forward, the young and dynamic president elect, Njalla Quan Junior, believes “the restoration of our lost glories and the development of our region through football, which is a key uniting factor, can only be significantly attained if we remain united.”

“The elections have come and gone,” he says, “and a new dawn has finally come for South West football.”

“It’s time for us to unite for the interest of the beautiful game. Unity can however only be achieved after a truthful reconciliation.”

“While calling “on our fathers in the house to initiate the reconciliation process so we may officially unite and start working together in order to achieve our common goals, personally, I hereby present a sincere apology to anyone I hurt in my battle to win the elections…I am sorry!” Njalla stated.

Is the wait for glory over?

The South West region has been absent from both Elite One and Two championships since 2016.

The region often hangs its head in shame for possessing state-of-the-art infrastructure but lacking an elite club to show for.  

Two months ago, the people regurgitated a long-lost luster of unity in an aggressive bid to jump back to Elite Two.  Unfortunately, their flagbearer Best Stars Academy misfired, plunging the region into another year of painful and wishful wait.    

This, coupled with opportunism, double standards and amateurism, are the maladies Njalla Quan Junior’s team inherits.

Ahead of the elections, he had rolled out a couple of projects. Their action plan sought to “re-establish a competitive regional championship in which all participating teams shall play a minimum of 15-20 league games.” Add more value to youth football, reduce the burden of match-day transportation for clubs, revive football in “other divisions badly affected by the socio-political crisis,” ensuring that trainers, referees, and other stakeholders are given a fair and equal chance in appointments and promotions at the national level.

The president elect seems to have plenty in his sleeves with which to make South West football great again.

It is astonishing that within 24 hours of his election, he is already announcing “a symposium on the development of South West football,” to take place before the start of the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations.

“During this symposium, all stakeholders shall be invited to participate and bring their ideas for the development” of the sport.

“Every member of the South West football family will have their say in the running of our football, and everyone will be equally responsible for all successes and failures,” he affirmed.

The time to mobilise and revisit the drawing boards is now. Manifestos should be transformed into concrete projects. Collectivism should replace individualism if the game must be remade into a thing of genuine and sustainable beauty.

The people are widening their eyes to see how far Njalla Quan Jr. can pilot the making of a new dawn.  

Complete list of regional FECAFOOT presidents elected yesterday:

Centre: Léon Aimé ZANG

South: Céline EKO




Littoral: Robert L. BEKEK

North West: Mbigha Felix

South West: Njalla Quan Junior

Far North: Boubakari Bello

East – Dampir Arthur

Isifu Wirfengla
Isifu Wirfengla

Isifu Michael WIRFENGLA is holder of a Bsc. in Journalism. He has five years of broadcast experience. Apart from freelance/sports reporting, he is a practising/trained football Referee in Cameroon and Communicator for the Ministry of Justice in Yaounde.


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